Sometimes I’m like ‘should I completely change the backstory of that character? Alter them considerably to fit what I want to do with them?’

And then I remember the x-men movies

'okay nvm I'll do what I want'

Ah you know how we say :’don’t even have anything metallic on you when fighting a metal bender/master of magnetism’

well there’s also this other common sense saying:
‘don’t even try to hide something from a telepath’

I always throw prompts in the air, fanfics ideas I’d like to see but haven’t seen anywhere. I never write them myself because I’m super lazy and never finished a fic. But now..maybe I should try my hand at it, it’d be the length of a small one shot…but the problem is that it’d be a smut fic…and I fear it’d be really atrocious at writing sex scenes omg.
So I might try it, but if anyone wants to try too (because it’ll probably be better than my version) here’s the idea:

In some websites giving advice to ‘spice up your sex life with your partner’ many give the advice to role play, some of those roleplay are ‘go into a restaurant/bar/hotel/etc’ separately, pretend you don’t know each other and seduce the other like it’s a stranger you want a one night stand with. What if a telepath and their lover tried to do that? But instead of actually going to a place in the city, the scenario and place would be all made up by the telepath, so everything would be in their head but they would still feel physically what they do to each other. It’s roleplay meet astral plane sex meet illusions.

I just had a flash of young Erik (first class) alone in a bar and Charles meeting him at the stool and flirting with him like he just met this handsome stranger. But it would be a scenario made up by old Charles and old Erik to ‘spice up their life’ and also to look young like they did forty years ago, oh nostalgia. Their physical body would not even be in the same room.

When First-Class got released, I found that it was fine for Young Charles to have hair, even though in the comics he loses them when his powers manifested (even if all the other telepath didn’t lose their hair…). And that Erik didn’t have white hair yet, even though he got them, I think, also when his powers manifested (or at birth, I can’t remember) I figured that Charles would still get bald young, but not as young as in the comics, like some men do. And Erik would also turn grey really young, (some men have white hair in their 30s).
We didn’t see that in DOFP (even though Erik at least is in his 40s) I don’t think we’ll see that in Apocalypse either, but it’s still my headcanon.

For Charles getting bald young, some fics don’t talk about it, but some others do. As for Erik and grey hair, I’ve barely seen any fics touching that.

Fanfics set in New York in February :”this winter feels like it will never end”

Montreal readers :’are you kidding me?’

Ugh I didn’t realise the first time I read it that that fic writes Lehnsherr ‘Lensherr’ without the H…
now I will cringe every time I see it

I’m sorry did you say ‘Erik saying I love you to Charles in German’?

' “Thing is, though, without my power - which you’ve so rudely taken from me, thanks again for that - I’m shit with social skills. Can’t tell when the other person’s uncomfortable, that sort of thing. So, you see, I just sort of babble. It’s dreadful, really. My sister tells me I’m just the worst at parties, and-” '

I don’t know if he’s faking it, but this is a incredibly accurate description of how he is in the future film…

'Erik himself had been an enigma the past few weeks. He, like Hank, blew hot and cold;'

you’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no, you’re in then you’re out, you’re up then you’re down

' Erik will be observing you today,” Charles explained to them once it seemed that they were done. “He may just begin teaching here.”
“Asshole 101,” Sean hissed under his breath to Alex ‘